See where your vehicles are and who can move them, right now.

MADE Logistics manages your vehicle transport process whether you use your own drivers or transporters like Ready or Central Dispatch.

How Can MADE Logistics Help You?

We take care of your shipping details so you can focus on building your business.

Centralized Dashboard

Know where your vehicles are at any point during transport with a real-time view of your logistics process.

Driver Performance Metrics

Quickly see if trucks are stopped unexpectedly or are falling behind schedule without resorting to calling drivers.

Detailed Invoicing

Easily generate mileage, vehicle or flat rate based invoices with driver expenses.

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Who It's For

Wholesale Auctions

Dealer Auction Houses


Customer Vehicle Transport



Designed for the way you like to work.

With MADE Logistics you can manage transport needs in the way that best fits your workflow. See the status of all your orders through an interactive map view or manage orders with a kanban board view. Drag and drop orders to quickly change their status and monitor order movement in real time.

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