See where your vehicles are and who can move them, right now.

MADE Logistics manages your vehicle transport process whether you use your own drivers, transporters like Ready or Central Dispatch, or both.

How Can MADE Logistics Help You?

We take care of your shipping details so you can focus on building your business.

We save you time, money and aggravation.

MADE Logistics enables you to know where your vehicles are at any point during transport. Your drivers can capture pictures of vehicles at load and unload, allowing you to deal with damage claims more effectively. All information is archived permanently and allows you to access it anytime in the future. You can assign vehicles to drivers, track driver performance metrics, see if trucks are stopped unexpectedly or are falling behind schedule without resorting to calling drivers. Your customers can see where their loads are and when to expect them.

MADE Logistics also integrates with QuickBooks!

Works across all devices

Your drivers can track and automate their process using MADE Logistics on their tablet or Smartphone. It gives drivers the ability to create orders, automate tracking, photograph vehicles, get signatures and delivery alerts as well as view information from all drivers on a centralized dashboard so you have a real-time view of your logistics process.

“I find the mobile app very useful when I'm on the go. Super easy to capture vehicles when loading up.”
Jack T.
San Francisco

Connects your teams

Keeping everyone connected is one of the most powerful functions of MADE Logistics! Utilizing either the desktop platform, the mobile app, or a tablet, we keep the information flowing in real time.

“I can connect to drivers, dealers and anyone else involved in the transport process, effortlessly.”
Rob B.

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What people are saying about MADE Logistics?

“Made Logistics has been extremely helpful in not only managing and tracking all our trucks, but it has allowed me to track and utilize my sales team to secure vehicles into system on the spot.”
Justin S.
“A new standard for moving vehicles with time sensitive compliance calculations, dispatch tracking, real-time internal transport updates and a mobile driver app. Designed with the consignor in mind.”
Neil M.
CFAA Logistics
“This product rocks! It automated 80% of the logistics work we were doing manually. Very easy to customize as well!”
Alex D.

Ready to supercharge your logistics process?

More than 10,000 vehicles shipped last month using MADE Logistics.