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Intuitive Dashboard

Managing your day has never been easier. Our intuitive dashboard gives you everything you need to know right at your finger-tips. The dashboard allows you to: • Quickly create and view all orders. • Search for any order based on any information within the order. • Get detailed information on any order with one click. • Instantly edit an order. • Sort columns individually, quickly and easily. Orders are updated in real time. When a transporter updates the status of an order the system will update. There is no need to hit the refresh button to get updates.

Transporter Tracking

MADE Logistics is designed to be able to track your divers, your assets, and your incumbent transporters seamlessly. Download the app and you are off and running. See exactly where each driver or transporter is and what progress has been made on your shipment. Want to see a snapshot of where all of your drivers or transporters are? No problem! With our Transporter Tracking locating your drivers and transporters is just a click away. With built in GPS technology you can see where every driver or transporter is, if they are traveling, and what their individually capacity is. This technology helps you decide which driver or transporter is the most efficient on to assign new orders to.

Real-Time Stats

See map, directions, and location instantly! Whether you are in our app or on the platform you can click or open and order and get all of the information regarding the order. This information includes: • Order ID • Account executive • Status • Shipment method • Pick up and delivery address and dates • Billing info • Vehicle information • Transporter information

Arrivals / Departures

Created similarly to the arrival and departure boards at airports, the status board runs on a large screen in your office. Logistics personnel can see at a glance when outstanding logistical data falls outside of the desired criteria selected. If an order is not accepted in a designated amount of time it will flash red to let you know when things are out of compliance. Our Watch-Dog configuration technology allows you to set criteria for logistical coordination personnel to see: • Assignment status. • Acceptance time frame. • Pick-up date. • Delivery date. • Hold status. • Canceled status. • Aborted status. This feature allows user to tap right into the blinking red order to see what is out of compliance so that it can be rectified immediately.

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